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Embers Fireplaces and Outdoor Living

Embers Fireplaces & Outdoor Living is a retail company based out of the Central Coast of California & Denver Colorado. We operate with a brick and mortar retail showroom as well as a strong online presence stocking products nationwide.

Wood Fireplaces for Sale at Embers Living

When you’ve been around fires for long enough, you will come to cultivate a love and appreciation for the peerless romance of a wood fire. It is a romance that is married to the oldest utility known to men of all cultures, providing light, warmth, food, and protection, while bringing in the company of these graces an influence unrivalled by any other subject. A fire nurtures invitation, mystique, allure, and sobriety all at once, each cohabiting with the others despite their nature to conflict in other settings. For these reasons and too many others to possible enumerate within the humble scope of prose, people gravitate to wood fires although alternatives abound.



When you seek a wood fireplaces for sale, either as a stove to add as a complement to a living place, as an insert for an existing plan, or as a model integrated into a room during construction, you have many options at your disposal. However, at none of these will you find such careful attention to the customer or such an exquisite and unmatched selection of inventory, in terms of quality and design, as at Embers Living. You will find nothing but the best provisions of the market when you turn to Embers Living to outfit you with a wood fireplace.


If you seek a stove, you will find models in various style from Napoleon, Vermont Castings, Hampton, Osburn and others, with oxygen controls for extended burn time and optimum energy output from your fuel. Many stoves offer the added utility of a cooking surface and release the maximum amount of energy into a room. They also are a fixture that commands the respect of each eye entering the room and draw vitality and attention.


In inserts and traditional fireplaces, you will find models ranging up to 50 inches of frontage from makers such including but not limited to Majestic, Superior, Astria and Regency, also featuring flue controls and options such as glass the resists blacking for optimal viewing. Also a focal point regardless of design and aesthetic, there is something for every taste available from Embers Living, with the preference is black cast iron or a marblesque facade. With the combustion controls and double duct kits of so many models, these fireplaces offering heating capacity, sometimes to multiple rooms, in excess of historical fireplaces. This brings the old world charm of wood burning fireplace to the convenience of gas heat in a nearly irresistible package.


Whether your tastes lie with stoves, inserts, or traditional fireplaces, there is something to please at Embers Living, purveyors of the finest wood fireplaces for sale around. What is even better is that the team at Embers Living is composed of expertly informed and experienced professionals tirelessly committed to the perfection of the customer experience. Ever ready to present the ideal juxtaposition and selection of equipment and models, Embers Living leaves little to be desired and nothing to the competition. So when you’re upgrading an old model for efficiency or looking to incorporate some charm into a new room, call the team at 805-952-5440 or 303-800-5659 or head to www.blazingembers.com. You’ll be glad you did.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Built-In BBQ Grill

The phrase open floor plan is often used in real estate, but the definition of the words varies from one person to the next. You may consider a home with large spaces and flow as being open, and your neighbor may prefer to meld inside and outside areas to create their perfect open floor plan. One of the more common ways to bring the outside and inside of your home together is with an outdoor kitchen and what is an outdoor kitchen without a built-in BBQ grill?



Types of Built-In Grills
The three main categories of built-in grills are charcoal, gas, and pellet. When choosing between the three it’s all about personal preference, but gas grills tend to be the most popular because of the streamlined look and easy upkeep. Another reason gas tends to be more popular is a fire risk. Charcoal grills commonly flare up because the temperature is difficult to control and, at times, grease drips directly on the hot coals.


Choosing the Right Grill For Your Outdoor Kitchen
There are several characteristics to consider before choosing the right grill for your outdoor kitchen — width, height, and depth. The width of your grill depends on the currently available space or the size of the area you plan on dedicating to the installation. Width is one factor directly related to volume — how much food the grill can hold. Grill height is critical because a grill installed too close to an awning or other overhead protection is a fire hazard. Remember, as soon as you open the grill, the heat and flames can move straight up, and if it’s too close, it’ll take seconds for a fire to spark. Depth is one of the more limiting factors when installing a built-in BBQ grill. It plays a part in how much food the surface can hold, but it also determines whether or not your grill will stick out from the countertop.


Preparing for Installation
Sticking with the more popular grills used in outdoor kitchens, gas varieties do require significant preparation compared to charcoal or electric varieties. A choice has to be made between using gas tanks or installing a direct gas line to the grill. Without a doubt, the direct gas line increases the total cost substantially, but it also improves the convenience as you’ll rarely have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of cooking. That’s not to say using tanks is a bad idea. For people who are just finishing up their outdoor kitchen, tank gas may be a better option at first until you figure out just how much time you spend using the area.


A built-in BBQ grill can bring a dull, outdated outdoor kitchen to life with the streamlined design and variety of technical upgrades available from Embers Living. We have short, wide, slim, and deep grills and we’re confident you’ll find a perfect match for your space. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or how to make a final decision between several brands or styles, call our customer service team at 805-952-440 or 303-800-5659 because we’re here to help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Are You Ready for the Cold?

Here at Embers Living, we deal in fire. That’s right, the oldest tool of mankind has an industry of its own, and why not? Even to this day, so much of our community and social gatherings are dependent on warmth. Whether it’s camping or throwing a bonfire in our very backyard, fire plays an important role in our lives. In the summer, this role can be geared towards cookouts and people singing around a backyard chiminea. If that’s what you’re looking for, then we’ve got you covered for sure! Embers Living has all of the backyard fire equipment that you could ever want, and a nice bonfire can be quite pleasant in the fall, too! However, it’s the indoors that we crave during the colder months, and nothing will quite warm us up like a nice fireplace.



The classic fireplace has always been a conventional means of warming up during the colder months, and that hasn’t really changed! We still love a good fireplace, although the source of the heat may change over time. Back in the day, keeping a fire going meant chopping wood and tending to it on a constant. Throughout time, the means of creating fire has improved and, thus, electric fireplaces are more common than ever. We’ve always got electric fireplaces for sale at Embers Living, and we’re excited for you to sift through your options! With plenty of gas and fireplaces to choose from, we know that you’ll take advantage of our options and create your escape from the annual winter wonderland!


If you’re looking for something different, we’ve got more! Don’t want to give up grilling during the cold? Neither do we! Sometimes, the best time for a barbeque is when the food will truly warm your soul. That’s why it’s great to have the best grill available, and you’ll only find the best grills and smokers on Embers Living. We aim for the highest quality possible, and that goes for every single product that we carry. No matter what you’re looking for, you can rest assured that your getting the ultimate version of it.


It’s important to keep a wide selection available for customers, at least at Embers Living we think it is! That’s probably why we’re the number one source for all of your fireplace and outdoor needs. Whether you want to build the fire pit of your dreams right next to your patio garden or you want to dish out the best smoked barbeque that mankind has ever seen, Embers Living has your back.


We don’t just stop at fireplaces and fire pits, either. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and we’ll make sure that you get what you’re looking for. If you have a question about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to steer you in a direction that suits you best, and that’s a promise! Whether you’re looking for a wall mounted electric fireplace for sale or a freestanding wood stove, we have everything you need and more! Contact Embers Living today, and let’s see what we can do to keep you warm during the cold winter!

Enhance Your Home with a Direct Vent Gas Stove from Embers Living

A direct vent gas stove can be a sleek and stylish alternative heating source to the larger brick and mortar fireplaces of old. Gas stoves are often much easier and less time consuming to install, and take up less space than the traditional fireplace. Plus, with the wide range of colors and designs you can find at professional stores such as Embers Living, it’s easy to find a beautiful gas stove that will mesh well with your home décor and interior design. At Embers Living you’ll find antique and classic models right alongside curvier, more modern gas stoves, as well as a wide range of price options for a variety of budgets.



If you’re looking to install a direct vent gas stove in your home because you live in an area where the winters are harsh, you may want to invest in one that comes with warming shelves for hats and mittens. Gas stoves like the Vermont Castings stoves you can find on Embers Living’s site, blazingembers.com, feature metal shelves that extend from the top of the stove and include racks you can hang your gloves and mittens from to warm them up before you head out into the bitter cold. This creates a fresh from the dryer feel without you needing to run an entire dry cycle or worry about fire hazards, and allows you to take the cozy warmth of your gas stove with you when you leave home. Vermont Castings stoves also include remote controls that allow you to ignite and turn off your stove from across the room at the press of a button. These stoves come in stout, antique designs with traditional detailing and classic tapered legs. You can get the Vermont Castings stoves from Embers Living in a variety of colors, including Bordeaux, Majolica Brown, and Biscuit in addition to the Classic Black.


Vermont Castings isn’t the only brand you’ll find at Embers Living, of course. This leading name in the fireplace and gas stove market also carries high quality Empire, Hampton, Majestic Oxford, Napoleon, and Regency gas stoves in the direct vent style, which allows more versatility in installation. If you prefer a more modern direct vent gas stove, the Napoleon Haliburton™ Gas Stove - Millivolt Ignition - GDS28 model is one of your best bets. This hexagonal gas stove features three planes of heat radiating ceramic glass, as opposed to the more classic single viewing window style of more traditional gas stoves. The Napoleon Haliburton™ Gas Stove - Millivolt Ignition - GDS28 also features a variable heat range that can be adjusted to your preferences, and is capable of producing up to 30,000 BTU’s – a powerful punch for a small and space efficient model such as this! You can also outfit this model with an ornamental trivet, an accent bar, and andirons to make it more stylish and better suited to your home’s décor.


Adding a gas stove to your home is a cost efficient way to keep it warm and comfortable, with the added bonus of bringing another level of beauty to the room. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with your very own gas stove, contact the experts at Embers Living, who are always more than happy to help. Keep warm, and enjoy your new gas stove!

Embers Living Portable Electric Grill for the Outdoors

Embers Living wants you to be as comfortable as you can in your home, which is why we sell premium fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, and barbecue grills to make your home cozy, inviting, and perfect for entertaining. Embers Living is a family company built on those values, and we provide high quality products that will keep your home in style all while helping you save on price and labor installation. Even if you think your backyard is not the spot for a party, our portable electric grill outdoors will change your mind and help you find the perfect grill for your pad.



Our Fire Magic E250 grill is like no other. This grill is small, portable, and perfect for the outdoor griller who needs something to fit their ever changing lifestyle or the griller on the go. This grill is hot, getting up to a temperature as high as 725 degrees F, but is perfect for places where flames are not allowed. You don’t need to worry about getting burned though, the triple insulate wall and double insulated wall lid will protect from the high temperatures while your grill cooks and chars your food to perfection. The digital temperature thermostat reads out accurate temperatures with precision.


The stainless steel exterior is sleek making for a nice design that will fit in anywhere the grill goes. The Fire Magic E250 also has a 2 hour auto shut off system for your safety. Clean up is an ease, with removable dishwasher safe inner liners and removable warming rack with drip tray. The tilt up easy element also helps making clean up a breeze. Purchase this grill to enjoy your favorite grilled dinners anywhere you desire, as this electric grill is able to go places most grills can not.


Have you ever considered purchasing a grill for cooking indoors? This may seem unconventional in most situations, but the Evo Affinity 30Ge provides temperature controlled settings and has a small, portable size, making it the perfect fit for your home. It is durable, easy to clean and can be used for sautéing, braising, plancha grilling, deep frying, pan frying, roasting, poaching, steaming, and toasting. This device comes with a cleaning kit, 2 spatulas, 2 cook surface cleaners, 1 stainless steel protectant, and even a Evo cookbook to help you get started on making delicious meals. The unique circle design creates an atmosphere of sharing and family to make the most of your cooking experience. This cooktop is designed to last long and provide many meals for years to come.


Embers Living Portable Electric Outdoor Grills bring a unique and exciting twist on grilling. They are designed to give you and your family friendly experience while using our energy efficient grills. We want to make sure your new grilling experience is trendy, reasonably priced, and, safe for usage. This is why at Embers Living we are a family business that ensures your satisfaction on all our grilling products.

Choose Embers Living for Outdoor Built-In Grills

Every grillmaster understands that the bond between grill and grillmaster can only be fully understood by another grillmaster. They also understand that, this being said, anyone can understand the aesthetic appeal and allure of a well poised grill in the yard, emanating the scents of hardwood and meats that are at once soothing and piquing. This mystique can be achieved by the simplest of portable charcoal grills, but there is nothing that quite complements and sets the stage for the outdoor gathering like outdoor built-in grills. While a grill may grace a yard with its provisions and its redolence, outdoor built-in grills are permanent, immutable fixtures of the space, much like the landscape or the architecture.



For this reason, as well as many others, including the wide host of features that many built in grills offer in utility, many people choose to grace their outdoor living areas, bars, or other spaces with built in grills. At Embers Living, you will find only the highest quality equipment available anywhere on the market. With an excellent selection of both gas and charcoal built in grills, there is something to fit nearly any taste, aesthetic or demand. Featuring a portfolio of options from American Outdoor, Summerset, Beefeater, Blaze and others, Embers Living has everything you need to outfit your living space with a built-in grill.


A basic but still excellent offering is the Summerset American Muscle Built In gas grill, with a range of features to perfectly apparel the grillmaster with tools of the trade. Fifty-four inches long, with 110,000 BTUs of thermal output, this grill can actually accommodate not only gas but charcoal both lump and briquettes, propage, liquid natural gas, wood chunks and pellet fuels. A combination of fuels can be created in order to optimize cooking ability. Gas alone is capable of climbing 350 degrees within two minutes elapsed time. Versatility and power are two traits this grill does not lack. It can also be equipped with a rotisserie package which boasts a motor capable of handling cuts of meat up to 100 pounds. That’s right, 100 pounds. There’s nearly no cut of meat this grill can’t handle. Finally, made in America from high grade and stainless components, this built in is made not only to perform but to last.


For something more all inclusive you might choose something like the BeefEater Zeus 7 foot Island Package, with five burners and anti flare technology. With several drawers for storage and an integral refrigerator for food storage and handling, this grill is a surely permanent fixture. Or, for charcoal disciples, there’s the Blaze 32 inch built in charcoal grill. It features four grids and an adjustable coal tray and removable ash pan. It’s rear vent enables the griller maximum control over oxygen flow and thus temperature. It is double lined to minimize heat loss and discoloration and built from rugged stainless components designed to last.


Moreover, Embers Living can be trusted to sell all the components and parts needed to maintain and operate your grill for the perfected experience. Nowhere else can be found such an excellent selection of the highest quality grilling implements and models than at Embers Living. Once you’ve settled on your choice of outdoor built-in grills, head to www.blazingembers.com.

Buy a New Portable Gas Grill from Embers Living

One can never have too many grills, each with their own applications, strengths, and drawbacks. With the inherent flavor of wood or charcoal, the speed, efficiency, and precise controls of gas, and the choices you have regarding built in models, freestanding units, and portable grills, there is a reason to own and use multiple different grills. When you are looking for a new unit to keep in the garage or the backyard for quick summer barbecue deployment, for a portable grill gas is hard to beat for convenience and readiness capabilities. With many models to choose from, in varying power capacities, cooking surface area, and built in storage options, Embers Living has one - or more - grills to suit every need. The barbecue is the life of summer gatherings, where stories are made and rehashed and good food shared. When you trust in Embers Living, you’ll get the best grills and equipment money can supply and quality can guarantee.



With so many options to meet the needs of somany scenarios, it’s a difficult task to generalize on the utility of the grills available from Embers Living. That being the case, there are several poster models among the stock that typify portable grills for quick barbecues and all day affairs. Easy to store and deploy, yet with enough power and cooking area to handle large birds, the Beefeater BUGG Portable BBQ is ideal when speed and convenience are utilities to be desired. With 19,000 BTUs, adequate cooking area and heat controls, this grill is one to have on hand or as a supplement to your built in grill. Not only easy to use and easier to store, it has an enamel coated hood for ease of cleaning and built with the intent to last.


Slightly larger and with more power is the American Outdoor Grill 24” L Series Portable Barbecue. All stainless, with 32,000 BTUs and electronic ignition, this grill has the trappings of larger, more customized models, and even some built in fixtures. Its 432 square inches of cooking area are large enough to handle large sections of ribs and roasts as well as whole birds. On top of its size and power, it has interior lights for nighttime grilling and a one hour gas safety shutoff. On the larger side is the American Outdoor Grill 36 inch T-Series Portable Barbecue. It packs a 50,000 BTU main burner, and a back burner and side burner each with 12,000 BTUs into an impressive stainless steel body with warming racks, rotisserie capabilities, and hood lights for convenience. Built to last, it is the perfect unit for serious grillmasters to bring to the fray to combat large attendances and multiple courses that require fastidious attention to cooking.


With options like these and yet many more models in the arsenal, it is easy to see why Embers Living is the top choice to outfit yourself with a portable grill. In many ways, in a portable grill gas is the prime selection for its temperature controls, quick startup time, and convenience. Moreover, at Embers Living, you will find the best equipment available anywhere, bar none, with a team that’s ready to assist you in choosing the right unit or units for your use. To get started before the summer rolls around, head to www.blazingembers.com and be ready for the first barbecues of the season.

4 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Smoker BBQ Grill

If you only look at a Smoker Bbq Grill as just another household appliance, then you are not realizing the full value of such a fine piece of machinery. When spring and summer roll around and bring warmer weather with them, having a grill of your own can provide countless benefits to you and your home, including…


1. Having Well-Cooked Meals On Demand
Grilling food is one of the fastest ways to cook up your favorite meals. Whether you dream of making your own barbecue cuisine that would make the finest chefs in the South proud, or prefer a vegetarian lifestyle, grilling can make it easy for even the most impatient cooks. With a Smoker Bbq Grill of your own, you can have a healthy and delicious meal ready in no time.



2. Makes a Healthy Lifestyle More Attainable
You might not know this, but grilling your food is actually a great way to eliminate more fat and calories from your food. Grills burn the fat off of meat and vegetables, but still keep in most of the flavor and natural nutrition. Another healthy bonus of owning a grill is that it lets you cook outside and get some fresh air. Anyone who cares about their health would be remiss to not invest in a high-quality Smoker Bbq Grill.


3. Helps You Become the Neighborhood’s Favorite House
The inviting aroma of a good barbecue is a great way to bring the neighbors to your yard. A beautiful summer day should be spent with friends, and everyone wants to be friends with the neighborhood griller. Your meals will become the talk of the block and help make your street livelier while allowing you to forge a closer bond with everyone. For people who have always wanted to be ‘The House’ of the neighborhood – the one everyone wants to spend time at – then consider a grill to be a neighbor-magnet.


4. Adds Another Element to Your Backyard
Every good homeowner knows the importance of maximizing every available space in your yard. Your backyard is like a blank canvas, ready to be designed in your image. Some people have enough space in their backyard to add an in-ground pool or large garden, but hardly any space is needed for a great Smoker Bbq Grill. They allow owners to turn that blank canvas into something of an outdoor kitchen, regardless of the size of their yard. Most grills are also easy to move around until you find that perfect spot for them. They can quickly turn into an important cornerstone of not just your yard, but your entire home as well.


Now that you understand the unique benefits of a Smoker Bbq Grill, the next step is to find the right place to shop for one. Embers Living has a large selection of remarkable grills that make it easy to find the perfect one for you. They sell products from the most reliable brands available that will help you take your cooking skills to the next level.

Visit www.blazingembers.com now to find the grill of your dreams.

Buy Your Next Big Hot Purchase with Embers Living

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling! Football season is right around the corner. Get some of the best grilling supplies available with Embers Living? For your next backyard get-together, you can have some great products such as our portable electric grills. Come take a look at our accessories on our website today and leave a satisfied customer with a brand new tool for your next cookout.



At Embers Living, we offer a wide selection of grills for sale. One of our favorite items from this category is the Aurora 540i Grill from FireMagic. This grill has an optional infrared burner system in series with stainless steel e-burners. With the e-burners, you’re able to cook at high temperatures. You’ll notice that they power up extremely quickly and can cook effectively almost immediately. Both burners weight 12 pounds, which makes them easy to separate or reorganize the grill. It also includes a built-in rotisserie rack should you want to cook up some of your favorite rotisserie style meals. For a great price, you can purchase grills like the Aurora that can cook effectively for a long time while being able to bring it wherever you want to.


Electric heating products have been on the rise for a while now. In addition to grills, the electric fireplace has become a staple in many households. We also offer many of these fireplaces for an excellent price. Our Napolean Alluravision makes for a great addition in any house looking for extra heat. With this item, you can heat the surroundings as long as they are within 800 feet of the fireplace. That way you can stay cozy and warm while maintaining a reasonable electric bill. At any given point, you can change the speed of the fire to fit the mood or overall aesthetic that you’re looking for. In addition to the flames provided by the fireplace, the electric powered product also has LED lights, which can make it even brighter when used. Controlling the speed of the flames or the overall temperature of the fireplace is easy. Simply use the remote to control all of the functions.


When it comes to providing customer service, we always make sure that it is top notch. When you sign up for an account with our website, you’ll be treated to a variety of different benefits during the checkout process. This includes being able to track the order after it has been placed and being able to save items to your wish list so that you don’t have to look too far before making another purchase for yourself.


We’re all about the gift of giving at Embers Living. On our website, you have the chance to purchase gift cards for others and be able to choose different themes to make it more personable for whoever you decide to give it to. Our gift cards can carry up to $1,000. Check out our gift card selection today!


Whether you’re looking to shop for a stationary or portable electric grill, our company is the premiere destination to find them!

Linear Electric Fireplaces – Old World Practicality, New World Appeal

You may be a seasoned woodsman, capable of building a blaze in the rain with nothing but the lint from your jacket and some shards of flint and steel. You may be a weekend warrior who enjoys the warmth of the firepit on a crisp winter night. You may simply have a living area that you need to heat effectively and economically. Regardless of your experience, those who love the allure of the firelight and the sensibility of the warmth it provides will find a place in their hearts for electric fireplaces. These fireplaces are an up-and-coming addition to the repertoire of those who love the appeal of firepits, fireplaces, and good old fashioned stoves and ranges. A Linear Electric Fireplace is an attractive solution to those who desire a modern twist on their need to heat living spaces while at the same time allowing for a customizable viewing experience that does not incorporate real flames.



These fireplace units that can be mounted flush to or recessed into a wall and offers electric heat as well as the pleasant dance of LED flames which can be adjusted in height, color, and brightness. They offer sleek appeal and are an excellent point of focus for most living spaces, as well as offering the heat and light of a fire at the touch of a remote control button with none of the other legwork involved. Why an electric fireplace, you might ask? A Linear Electric Fireplace offers all of the heat of a conventional fireplace without the time and skill required to build a bed of coals. They also eliminate the need to clean and maintain a fireplace or a stove and mitigate the risks associated with live coals. Moreover, the visual aspect of an electric fireplace is fully customizable in most of its aspect. As an added bonus, electric fireplaces can be operated without heat, creating the ambiance of a sprightly realistic flame effect when the additional heat is simply unnecessary or unwanted. If you crave the romance of the coals and the convenience of an instant fire, a Linear Electric Fireplace may well be for you.


Embers Living – Fireplaces, Stoves, Grills and More
Whether you desire a night around the firepit, a cozy evening inside by the stove amidst the resplendent notes of oak and osage, or the convenience of an electric fireplace, Embers Living has the fixtures and tools to help keep you warm. More importantly, their peerless experience in the industry and their unflinching commitment to customer service and the customer experience mean that no one goes cold on a winter night. Their offerings don’t stop at firepits and stoves, however. Spanning the entire experience, Embers Living also offers grills, smokers, electric heaters, and all the bells and whistles to help customize your living space whether outdoor or indoor and bring some the charm of the ember light into your living and entertaining spaces. Featuring brands such as Napoleon, American Outdoor Grill, Warming Trends, and Dimplex, Embers Living is there to bring some of the romance of the fire into your life. Visit them online at BlazingEmbers.com, today, and strike a spark to the tinder!

Warm Up Your Home with a Superior Gas Fireplace from Embers Living

Embers Living knows that comfort comes first when choosing a fireplace or stove to match your home decor and bring coziness into your home. Our products are designed to enhance your lifestyle and home with a wide array of fireplaces, barbeque grills and smokers, outdoor products, and coolers. We carry over ten different brands bringing you best quality for each product. Each product is designed efficiently to bring comfort, uniqueness, and value to your home. Our fireplaces are carefully crafted so that you can keep your family warm while staying in style and saving on price and labor. Installing a fireplace into your home has never been this easy.



One easy to install, yet elegant and sophisticated option, is our Linear Direct Vent Superior Gas Fireplace. Made out of a porcelain interior and faced with crushed black glass, a choice of four different finishes help customize the fireplace to make it unique and charming in your home. This fireplace also produces long and tall flames that will take up the viewing area and create a breathtaking view. Energy efficient, this fireplace has a heat-circulating design that distributes warm air, and can be supplemented with an optional fan kit to circulate the warmth into a larger room.


The superior gas fireplace is equipped with a full function remote control that makes for easy use and comfort right in your living space. The lightweight design is quick and easy to mount and sits flush to the wall surrounded by black satin casing. Choose from our five different reflective glass media floor designs to create a stunning reflective look, black, blue, copper, goldfinger, and platinum. Your superior gas fireplace is complete without an optional bezel accessory, which comes in black satin, black nickel, or brushed nickel to create a sleek and flawless look to your fireplace.


From large living rooms to smaller seating areas, the superior gas fireplace comes in five different sizes accommodate any room that needs some heating up and range from 40 inches long to 54 inches long. While the linear design has an elongated look, we also have a Combo Top/Rear Direct Vent Fireplace, which is a symmetrical square design made to create a cozier more “cabin-like” feel. We offer four different interior options: Black Porcelain Linear, Buff Stacked, Vintage Red Stacked, and Old Town Red Herringbone. All resemble that homey brick fireplace feel. Choose from our charred oak and driftwood log sets to compliment the decorative gate and glowing embers. Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and extremely versatile, this fireplace is approved for use in any room including the bedroom. The energy saving electronic pilot ignition system reduces gas usage and allows you to control the size of the flame to set an ambiance of the room. Choose from either natural gas or propane. It will still work in case of a power outage, either way. Customize to fit your home’s needs and keep your family warm with this efficient fireplace from Embers Living designed with you in mind.

Upgrade to a Direct Vent Gas Stove from Embers Living

Few things are more enjoyable than cozying up to a warm fire when the temperatures outside are bitingly cold. Then again, cozying up to that warm fireplace might be more enjoyable if you knew that it wasn’t just keeping you warm but also operating more efficiently than most fireplaces and often without electricity to boot. A Direct Vent Gas Stove offers the beauty and appeal of a fireplace insert but offer several benefits that make them more practical for certain situations.



Traditional Appeal and Modern Function
Some key differences between a fireplace insert and a direct vent gas stove are responsible for the efficiencies of the direct vent. A direct vent gas stove can be placed nearly anywhere in a building where the architecture allows because they do not require a chimney – they draw air into the firebox from the outside and vent exhaust either through an existing chimney or through their own ductwork directly to the outside. Because of their dedicated ductwork, direct vent stoves and fireplaces can help keep the air inside cleaner and are more efficient in that they more evenly heat a living space and waste less heat through the chimney. Also as a result of the structure of their ductwork, direct vent stoves and fireplaces can be placed nearly anywhere within a home as dictated by convenience. Without the necessity of a chimney, a direct vent can offer the pleasant facade of a fireplace and the ambience of its glow in rooms that otherwise would lack the charm. As an added bonus, a direct vent gas stove can operate without electricity, using its own generator or batteries for its controls. All of these specifications come together in direct vent gas stoves to offer an opportunity to present a fireplace or a stove in areas otherwise off limits while also generating greater heating efficiency often with the option of wasting no electricity.


An Impressive Host of Options
When you’re ready to take the plunge and set yourself up with a direct vent gas stove, Embers Living is your partner, ready with industry defining stock and ready to help answer any questions you might have. With models from Hampton, Napoleon, Regency, Vermont Castings and more, there is something for every taste. Are you looking for something to complement a modern living space and need some new age lines to suit? You might choose Napoleon’s Castlemore or Haliburton gas stoves, both offering your choice of natural gas or propane and ceramic glass for heat distribution. Or perhaps you desire the old-world appeal of a Regency Classic C34, also offering natural gas or propane. Whatever your tastes, Embers Living is sure to have something to please. The best part is Embers Living’s team is committed to customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that your setup will satisfy time after time. When you are in the game for a direct vent gas stove, head to blazingembers.com.

Enhance Your Grilling Experience with Smoker BBQ Grills

Everyone loves the flame-grilled flavor of burgers, dogs, and sausages on a hot summer day paired with a cool drink. Grilling gets loved ones together and is as much about the enjoyment of the experience as it is about what’s on the menu. It’s as beloved and quintessential as apple pie and baseball. Whether your forte on the grill is kielbasa, pork shoulder, brisket, or whole roast fowls, you’re missing half of the grilling experience if you have never smoked a fresh cut of meat on a smoker BBQ grill. A smoker is a grill or an entirely independent unit that is designed for smoking, typically slow smoking cuts of meat, that allows the user to very meticulously control the temperature, the heating (whether direct or indirect), the exposure to smoke, and sometimes even the humidity of the chamber. Grilled meats are top tier to begin with, but some might say until you’ve brined and seasoned a pork shoulder, and then tended to it painstakingly for nine hours over hickory, you’ve never had barbecue.



Smoker Grills for Any Preference

So, you’ve decided to take your love of the outdoors and savory cuts to the next level and dive into the world of smoked meats. When choosing a smoker BBQ grill, there are many considerations to make in terms of brand, features, and grill operation, each with its own benefits. The two main considerations to weigh when deciding upon a smoker are whether or not you want a pellet, gas, or a charcoal smoker. There are dedicated proponents to each type and some are ardent in their positions, but each has its benefits. For example, a gas smoker will offer the user an easier temperature control than a charcoal grill, but it will require more attention from the user to impart particular flavors into the food being smoked. Charcoal grills require a bit more know how to operate effectively and to control and maintain the right temperature, but they also will impart more smoke flavor to the meat, and Pellet smokers have the best of both worlds! Infinite control while your heat source is your main smoke flavor component. Some smokers have only one chamber in which the wood smoke, flames, and meat are all contained together and some have an offset box allowing indirect heat which generally allows the chef more freedom to cool smoke meats, fish, or cheeses if that is the preference. Regardless of taste or style, pellet, gas, or charcoal, Embers Living has the smoker BBQ grills to transform your summer shindigs.


Embers Living – Best in Customer Service

Embers Living has the market cornered on customer service. When the time comes for you to start your search for a smoker, contact the team at Embers Living on their website at BlazingEmbers.com with any questions or concerns you might have. This is not a place you come simply to transact – it’s where you come to learn about your passion as you indulge it. Be confident that when you are ready to buy, the smoker you bring home will be one that will serve you well for a long time and leave nothing to be desired. For the best outdoors and cooking experience, Embers Living has your back!

6 Safety Tips for Using A Portable Gas Grill

Guess what? If you are firing up the portable gas grill tonight, you’re going to need portable grill gas tank and, with any gas-powered grill, you have to take a few precautions to cut down the chances of injury. Follow these safety tips for keeping safe, and you’ll be ready to grill again day after day.


1. Check the tank connector valve, stem, and hose for cracks or damage.
The last thing you want is your portable grill gas tank to explode and injure you or someone else. Take a minute to check out the connector. If you see any cracks or damage, take the tank back to the retailer and exchange it.



2. Blue or green is a no-no.
Check out the valve and valve stem on your portable grill gas tank. If it has turned from a brassy color to blue or green, do not use the tank. Believe it or not, gas tanks are used to store powdered ammonia, which is commonly used for the production of illegal methamphetamines. If the tank has held this substance, the valve or valve stem will have turned blue or green.


3. Keep a nose out for a gas smell.
Even after checking the connections on your grill and gas tank, there’s still a chance unseen damage can cause a gas leak. If you smell gas, turn off the valve and burners immediately and disconnect the gas tank. If, by chance, the gas smell does not subside, call 911 as the physical tank may be leaking.


4. Lose your flame? Then wait to re-light.
Hold on….wait one second. Yes, there may be food on the grill, but safety is always the #1 priority. Take a minute to turn off the burners and gas. Chat it up with a friend, wait five minutes, then re-light.


5. Be ready to put on your fireman’s hat.
No, you’re not going to pull out the hose and have it on standby in case something catches fire, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. All it takes is a box or two of baking soda to put out a grease fire. You can also use sand or, best case scenario, a fire extinguisher.


6. Don’t go inside to refresh your drink.
When you’re talking about safety and portable grill gas tanks, you also have to consider outside factors. Keep kids away from the grill and never leave it unattended. It’s also a great idea to set up at least 10 feet from any building. (If your grill is hot, please do not try to move it.)


These six small safety checks are simple and take no time at all. The tough part is keeping yourself from browsing Embers Living selection of portable gas grills. Just like a refrigerator or stove, a gas grill is an appliance. One that Embers Living specializes in – so give them a call at 805-952-5440 and have a chat about that fantastic recipe for grilled zucchini you found or, maybe, about a shiny new portable gas grill you see on their website. With extensive knowledge in their industry, they’re always eager and happy to help!

The Possibilities of Built In Gas Grills

Buying a grill for your home is something of a milestone in the settling-in process. Grills are more than just luxuries; they help make some of the most traditional family memories possible. Toasted marshmallows, delicious steaks, and burgers like you can’t get anywhere else are all part and parcel of the grilling experience we’ve all come to love. However, grills aren’t exactly simple to decide on, and there’s a lot that weighs into the experience for each cook. Thankfully, built in gas grills uniquely allow for flexibility in grilling style and ease-of-use. Here are a few of the awesome possibilities that built in gas grills allow for:



1. Mess-Free Cookouts
We all love barbeques. Many would argue that they are a true American tradition! One of the only downsides to a wholesome, family cookout is the mess that often follows. Waiting for the grill to cool, moving it back to the shed, shoveling out charcoal ash, and sweeping up afterwards all take a lot of time and effort that built in gas grills totally eliminate. Gas is clean burning; no piles of ash left over afterwards. In addition, having a grill that’s built in to the existing structures of your backyard means no sliding heavy grills around after the meal.


2. More Space for You and Your Family
Built in gas grills are space efficient. Instead of having to set up your grill in a space you’d otherwise use for guests, family members, or even pets, you can have it built into an existing space! Going with a built in configuration means less trip hazards and more space for events. If you’ve ever been to a pool party where there was more space in the pool than around it, you’ll understand how valuable the real estate at a barbeque can be.
Using a built in grill model lets you and your guests have all the space you need without having to miss out on delicious grilled food.


3. Cleaner, More Elegant Appearance
Space isn’t the only benefit that comes from being able to have a grill tucked away in a safer area; built in grills look better than their standalone counterparts. Imagine having a grill that actually matches the design of your house? No more clunky, out of place, stand-alone charcoal grills, and no more flakes of charcoal ash all over your patio. With built in designs, you can make your backyard more elegant than ever.


If all of these great ideas have you thinking about getting a grill of your own, we recommend checking out Embers Living. They’re a team of passionate grilling experts who can help you get the right grill to match your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. No stressing needed. Their team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your grill and don’t find yourself stressing over needless roadblocks. Visit them online today to see for yourself just how much is possible when you have a good quality, built in grill!